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Have you ever wanted to – Make Your Mark on the world and make it a better place to live, at least for one person? Maybe it is you, or maybe it is someone else, but all that is needed is for just one person to make a stand and take the opportunity to help change the life of someone in need for the better. This world will always have a need to have someone reach out to the poor and unfortunate souls.

Follow the above links above and below to learn more about people who are making a difference. True love is the kind of love that reaches out to the fatherless and widows who have nowhere or nobody to turn to for help. And many times that help is for even the most basic needs for survival. We all can make a difference in someone life, even if it is only one person at a time.

I enjoyed the article about the poor people of Haiti, and how that assistance from people like Helen Little has brought clean drinking water and education for those who would never have had the opportunity, except someone new that they and people like you can Make Your Mark to change this world for the better.

There are many worthy causes to which you can become a part of, all of the articles in the Reader’s Digest section of Make Your Mark are worthy of your attention. Do what you can and also visit at their Reader’s Digest Homepagefor more information.

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