International Oddities

Maybe there is a good alternative to tobacco or marijuana. Check out the web site of International Oddities; there you will find many different varieties of what they call legal bud. There seems to be a lot of appeal to this product, because there is much attention given to the display and presentation of in ways that are pleasing to the eyes. And there is also an appeal in the way it is presented in words. I cannot tell you what it tastes like; therefore, I also cannot tell you what effects if any that it may have on one’s state of mind or health.

I will have to remain, personally, ignorant, because I don’t intend to ever take up smoking again. I used to smoke tobacco, but I nearly ruined my health with that experiment; and I don’t ever intend to intentionally inhale anything else but the air that we all breathe. For those who like to smoke, I respect your right to do just that. As long as it does not interfere with my rights to have and breathe clean air then I cannot hinder anyone else’s pleasure from smoking it. I have noticed that there are a lot of web sites on the internet that sell what they call legal bud too; I am sure that they are all in competition in one way or another. International Oddities claims that there product is superior to that of their competitors; if you are interested in inhaling their product, then maybe your can vouch for their claims of superiority.

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