Getting A New Phone

I have been thinking about getting a new phone. And there are many to choose from. One of my favorite selections is from Tiga Dua Cellular Online shopping safe shopping. There I can find cellular phones from Apple, Blackberry, Eten, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, O2, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Vertu. So, I am leaning toward buying an unlocked IPhone, but my decision is not yet final.

I would love to have a phone that is water proof; this is because my wife’s phone and my phone were recently damaged by water. Her phone was laying somewhere, and some water was spilled, and the phone soaked up some of the water. Her phone is dysfunctional now. About 2 months later, I had my phone in my shirt pocket, and I leaned over the tub and was going to wet my hair, the phone slipped out and you know the rest; well, I grabbed the phone out of the water, but not before some damaged has occurred. My phone is still functional, but it is not just the same.

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