Airport Lounge San Diego

If you like to have an evening out in a crowd, maybe your own crowd or a crowd of strangers, you can discover airport lounge San Diego. Follow the link to Discover San Diego for more information on this hotspot that is in 2400 India Street, Little Italy, CA 92101.

If you are looking for a night of music, dancing, delicious foods, refreshing drinks and a lot of fun then you should check this place out. It is, contrary to the name, not an actual airport lounge; however the uniforms that the staff wears could mislead you to believe differently. Not only that, but the place is designed to look like an airport lounge, and it is directly under the flight path of nearby Lindbergh field. So, patrons can watch the planes fly directly over the outdoor patio.

So, bring along your friends or family, or maybe you can meet someone there and make new friends. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the dress code is casual business attire. There is a $5 to $10 cover charge. Most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun!

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