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International Oddities

Maybe there is a good alternative to tobacco or marijuana. Check out the web site of International Oddities; there you will find many different varieties of what they call legal bud. There seems to be a lot of appeal to … Continue reading

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Perfume Scam

“Wanna smell this neat perfume?” scam is very rampant in the malls or parking lots, where someone who pretends to be a seller of cheap perfume, tries to convince you to buy the product by letting you sniff the perfume. … Continue reading

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Bling Gnome

Do you like to play video games? Have you heard of Dungeon Runners? Well, there is a little creature in the game called the Bling Gnome. This creature has the power to turn otherwise unwanted items into gold. How is … Continue reading

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Fracture Fix

Fast relief from the pain of spinal fractures is now possible with a new treatment in which medical cement is injected into the broken bone. Currently, this remedy is intended for use on fractures caused by osteoporosis. Those with simple … Continue reading

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Plus Size Clothing

Check out Kiki’s Fashions for plus size clothing. You have a wonderful variety of clothing styles to choose from. There is a sale that continues through the month of June, it ends on July first; take advantage of a 15% … Continue reading

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Child Labor Soon to Increase

With the rising cost of living, incidence of child labor in the Philippines is seen to rise also. Child labor must be met with wider and stronger intervention. We encourage all sector of society to join hands and address this … Continue reading

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