Win a $20,000 Home Makeover

I love Renuzit TriScents!

You can transform any part of your home that is not exactly like you would want it to be. So, do you want to Tranform Your Home? Anything is possible, as long as you know how to qualify. “Be sure to follow the official rules”.

Only submissions that meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the Transform Your Home contest. (1) First, upload your video or your photo and your essay. (2) Second, Explain and demonstrate why your home needs a makeover. (3) Third, explain how Renuzit TriSecnts can help you.

If I had a home that suited my needs, and I don’t, I would first transform the bedroom. That is because there is a big leak in the ceiling that keeps dripping water from either melting snow or rain that collects on the sinking roof. Of course the roof needs fixing, but now with the damage on the inside of the ceiling that needs repair, I would like to have money to do that also. With a transformation there would be track lighting and dimmer control for a subtle ambiance for the new entertainment system that would be in the center of two closets on each side. There would be white doors on the closets, because I really light the cleanness of white. The lighting would be over the large screen high definition television and over the back of the bed for dual use. The bed would be in the center of the wall for ease of access. Of course, Renuzit triscents would complete the overall ambiance, because smell is always a very important thing when it comes to relaxation and comfort in your bedroom.

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