My Kind of Style

75x75Pants are part of the daily lives of the people even before since time immemorial. Pants have been the favorite wear of the people because people can go to work wearing pants, children and teenagers can go to school and go to casual dates and meetings wearing pants.

There are different kinds of brands and style and pants of any occasion one can choose. There is the cigarette pant, the bell bottom pants, the tight pants; the straight cut pants the pedal pusher pants, the knitted pants, the trousers that are for ladies where one can wear it in work.

So pants are everywhere and depending on the brand. One such brand that offers this kind of types of pants is the Dockers. Dockers as we all know have been in the marker for so long a time that even celebrities are wearing pants and when the celebrities wear pants, the people will see it and buy it also because their favorite celebrities wore them.

Dockers brand has been popular for people for many ages and since ever since I can remember for people even in Asian countries like the Philippines has been patronizing Dockers pants brand for long.

Dockers pants brand has a new promotion that is having a 30 second video promotion and is broadcasted live on TV and over at the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Dockers contest is open to all residents of the United States from age eighteen years old and above is eligible to join the video advertisement. For more details you can view the details over at www.nbc/the_tonight_show_with_jay_leno/

Sponsored by Dockers

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