Make Your Deposits Online

Have you heard of DepositNow? Follow the previous link that will take you to their website. This is an idea method of depositing checks that has been in existence since 2004. All that you do is scan the check and it is electronically deposited online from your PC. What a great idea and very convenient. It’s simple and easy.

At, you can get more information on how to use this for business and banks. If you have an online business, then this can be put to good use. But, if you handle checks, then this is definitely what you need, and you can deposit money orders with it too. This system will help you to get your money deposited really fast, and you don’t even have to go to the bank to make your deposits. That is a big plus!

You can sign up for their online deposit service through their website. If you decide to become a new customer of DepositNow, then during the sign up process, if you mention the name of my blog as a promo code, then they will give both of us a $25.00 bonus. You will get $25.00 off of the price of a scanner, and they will send me $25.00 commission for you becoming a new customer. This only works if you actually become a new customer. Please visit at their website today and enjoy this opportunity. By the way, this system is only for use inside of the USA for US banks.

Sponsored by DepositNow!

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