Look Good Dressed in Dockers Clothing

Have you seen the latest contest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? It is a Dockers video commercial contest.

I know a person that I think would look good dressed in Dockers clothing. This person is one of my favorite celebrities, and that person is George Clooney. I like his style of dress, and his style is good whether it is in casual clothing for in formal wear. I like his clean cut appearance, and I think he would be a perfect candidate for dressing up in Dockers. I like to dress casual, and sometimes, I like to dress up in formal dress. I like the styles that Dockers have to offer. I think that anyone can look good in Dockers1

If you want to enter the Dockers contest you can submit your story in video form as a commercial for Dockers. You can go to the following website to submit your stories as videos to the link Dockers TV Commercial Contest, or go to www.nbc.com/Dockers. “What is your own personal style?” You can talk about your style of dress that will feature Dockers as your brand of favorite clothing.

Again, as for me, my favorite styles of clothing come from my favorite brand name, and that is, of course, Dockers. I like the comfort and utility that are available and the quality that they put into their clothing for me. Sometimes, I have to spend many hours a day in my clothing, before I can change; because I have to work long hours at my job. So, I need something that will retain the level of comfort and integrity that I need. I like the variety of styles that they have, from casual to formal wear. So, I have a lot to choose from for my wardrobe. No matter what, their clothing always makes me look good. Thank you Dockers!

You can also go online to shop for your favorite clothing too; follow the link at Dockers store online, or search for yourself by going to www.dockersstore.com. Just sign up and sign into your new Dockers Store account to take advantage of the many bargains that are available to their customers. They offer free shipping with your purchase of over $100.00, and they also have a no hassle return policy. So, have fun with your shopping at Dockers!

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