Dockers Video Contest

There are lots of contests conducted everywhere be it games and anything. Nowadays, even TV conduct contest not only beauty contests but also games those easy to get rich game contests.

After television contest, now comes the online contest with the birth and times of the computer and online craze. We now also enjoy online games, dating, finding jobs, business and so with even online contests. Online contests such as video online contests that are then in connection with popular TV shows who also conduct Dockers contest.

One such popular pants brand the Dockers is conducting its promotion of their products not only on TV but also now online yes in the computer, online in connection with their TV promotion which can also be seen for a limited time on TV at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and online, the promotion is conducted on a 30 second video advertisement about the popular brand of pants called Dockers.

I like this contest since you get to make your own video and your creativity will be tested and shown. It’s easy to join this contest just by visiting their website at www.nbc/ and access the widget featuring The Contest, after submitting your email address, entrants then submits their own Dockers commercial to the Sponsor via the Widget. Join now. For particulars, visit their online details at www.nbc/

Sponsored by Dockers

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