Comfortable and Easy To Wear

Pants are part of the daily lives of people men, women, adults, teenagers and even kids. But people have their own choices of brand of pants depending to their style, budget, taste and comfortable of the brand.

But why pants? Pants or trousers too, many are comfortable, easy to wear, washable and can be worn on any day, season in any casual occasion and almost anywhere. Even if you just have one or two pair pants that would be enough and nobody will notice you only have two pairs anyways.

One of the popular name brands of pants is Dockers. Dockers pants has been n the market for so long–years now competing with other equally top named quality brands, for even in the Philippines, Dockers pants have been in the market and have been the craze of people there and the people just love to wear Dockers pants.

Now, Dockers has a new TV and online promotion of their pants brands called The Dockers contest and or The Dockers Live Commercial Contest over at NBC and Actually, this promotion states that there is actually no purchase necessary to join this contest promotion as purchase of any kind will not increase your chances.

The Dockers Contest will provide contestants or entrants to create a 30 second video advertisement for Dockers. The video Dockers advertisements will be seen and viewed online at www.nbc/ and it will be broadcasted live on TV at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” over at visit their online site at www.nbc/the_tonight_show_with_jay_leno/

Sponsored by Dockers

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