Project Orange Thumb 2008 Winners

To the Fiskars winners, congratulations! There are over 500 application entries were submitted from people in US who are creative. The judges are having a hard time to make a decision who could be the winner because all the entries like videos, songs, posters and artwork are great and well prepared. But out of 500 application, there were only 13 community garden will be awarded. All winners deserve to receive those awards because as you can see their creativity, you will be amazed how much hard work they put in.

As you can see how much time and effort with the family to cooperate and help with each other. The outcome is great. Gardening is very important to our community as you can grow green environment and can contribute humidity to our environment. So plants, trees, vegetables and herbs are essential parts of the garden. The idea is that you and your family become as auto efficient as possible, working with nature not against it. Using the least amount of human energy to provide a yield whilst enriching, not depleting the ecosystem. Permaculture is about creating beneficial relationships with plants, animals and other people.

Project Orange Thumb Grant over 10 groups in the US to develop and build community gardens. For more information, just click the previous link provided above.

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