King of Rock and Roll

Have you even been to Gracelnad in Memphis? Gracelnad is the the home of King of Rock Rock and Roll, that is Elvis Presley! Hubby and I went to Memphis when I had my interview for my US residency and a family vacation. So I did searched what things to do in Memphis. I found out, one of the number one tourist spot in Memphis is going to Graceland the home of Elvis Presley. It was a great experienced for both of us with hubby since we are rock and roll freak. We both enjoy Elvis music and have always wanted to go to Graceland so it was a rather special.

The facilitator gave us an audio device throughout the tour of the house, the audio was very informative about Presley life. He has a lot of achievement in music and receives a lot of awards. You can see all of his awards on the walls including various gold and platinum albums which three massive rooms. If you have seen Elvis wearing those costumes on his concert, then you can find all of those in Graceland too. It was really a wonderful experienced our visit there.

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