Gonnabe is taking a bold step and using local talent for their resource needs. Who know, maybe you or I will be included in the next show of a sitcom that uses extras or maybe even someone new will be the next star of some long running sitcom. Well, GonnaBe.com may just be what the entertainment industry needs. I am sure that there are a lot of resources to pull from, including the many places all around our country. With some of the acting that I have seen on television and in the movies, I am sure that Gonnabe will be able to find someone with the natural talent that they need. Sometimes, I have imagined that for sure I can do a better job that the person that is doing a certain part. I know that acting is not easy for some people, but I do believe that most of us just grow up with a natural or innate ability to act; that is called lying. Well, I hope you will check out gonnabe.com; maybe there will be something special there for you.

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