Kettering University

My parents never completed school and never get a degree so they don’t earn much money. All they wanted from me is to finished my college. Before, they forced me to go to school but I don’t know why I don’t like to school and especially doing my homeworks. Yeah, I don’t like to end up like my parents but luckily with all of the trials, I have finished college and got a degree of Bachelor in Commerce.

I found this website called Kettering University. I have attached one their ads video, just listen to it. While reading about this school, I just found out that they are one of the US News Best Colleges. They offer a lot of courses just like mechanical engineering. I checked out some of their degree programs. They have an excellent degree and all of those are great. As soon as when you finish college, I’m sure it is easy for you to look for a job and get a high paid job. I wish, I can go back to school but I think it’s too late now. They are also known in #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and top of engineering, science, math and business. Kettering University is here for you.

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