The Link Between Diabetes and a Good Dental Routine

The link between diabetes and teeth health may not be obvious at first glance, but with just a little bit of research, it is easy to discover that a link does exist. Blood sugar can affect every part of the mouth: the teeth and gums, the jaw, and the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and the inside of the cheeks. Everyone should have a consistent routine for brushing and flossing, but for those with diabetes, there are several reasons to be even more vigilant with mouth care.

High Blood Sugar Affects the Entire Body

Those who suffer from diabetes will begin to feel the effects of high blood sugar everywhere: the eyes, the kidneys, the feet, and the mouth. Over time, diabetics might experience complications such as heart attacks, blindness, nerve damage, and gum disease or tooth loss. High levels of blood sugar leave the gums and teeth vulnerable to many easily preventable conditions, such as cavities, dry mouths, thrush, and other painful conditions. Because both of these conditions directly affect the other, mouth disease can increase the dangers of diabetes just as diabetes increases the risks of mouth disease. This happens because bacterial infections add to chronic elevations of inflammatory meditators, and then may lead to insulin resistance.

1. Sugars and Starches Feed the Bacteria in the Mouth

Everyone’s mouth is affected by bacteria. Many different types of bacteria are naturally present there. As the sugars and starches in food interact with the bacteria, plaque forms and begins to attack the hard enamel that protects the inner part of the teeth. The weakened areas in the enamel are called cavities. With the higher levels of blood sugar that diabetics suffer, the bacteria in the mouth forms more acid and leads to further cavity development.

2. A Weakened Immune System Puts the Gums at Risk

One dangerous side effect of diabetes is a weakened defense system. The rates of bacterial infection increase and the gums are left exposed to the dangerous microbes that infect them. Diseases such as gingivitis periodontitis, and tooth loss are free to run rampant throughout the mouth. Conversely, as mouth diseases gain strength, they are likely to increase the risk of diabetes and its effects.

3. It Takes Longer to Heal From Gum Disease When Diabetes Is Present

Diabetes will increase the severity of gum disease, makes it more prevalent, and reduces the body’s ability to heal from diseases. It can take years for the symptoms of the diseases to become apparent and so by the time treatment begins the ability to counteract the effects is impaired. As the body continues to fight all of the detrimental effects of diabetes, its resources become strained and healing is more difficult and much slower.

What Is the Answer?

There are some simple steps to take in order to protect the mouth from these diseases:

  • Brush teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Use a brush with soft bristles and use a gentle, circular motion for brushing
  • Brush the tongue as part of the routine
  • Floss at least once every day, easing the floss below the gum and around the top of the tooth
  • Rinse well after flossing

Avoid the majority of these problems by working to prevent diabetes and taking appropriate steps to prevent mouth disease. This represents a lifetime commitment, but will provide a reward in healthier teeth and gums, and overall physical health.

Save more, spend less

Spending money is much easier than saving them. Let’s face it, once we get our salary it easily disappears and you will be broke again for days until your next pay day. We can’t go on like this; we can’t just give in to our whims. We have to deal with this money issue if we want to own something in our life and lessen our regrets.

Try to avoid temptation, if it’s possible if you really want to go the mall, be sure you are just there to grocery shop and not look around for something that can grab your attention like new gadgets, shoes and bags. Try eating at home for a change and not on restaurants and fast food chains and how about finding a cheaper hobby.

Basic accounting is all you need, just get a pen and a paper and list all your expenses and your monthly income, that way you’ll know where to cut your budget and what you need more. You can’t afford to be always luxurious, stop using your credit card and rely on cash. Debts are debts and it has interest leaving you broke than ever.

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Properly

There are many reasons why you would want to see a dentist. For some, they seek out the help of a dentist to fix a cracked or infected or because they need a root canal. However, others seek the help of a dentist for cosmetic reasons such as fixing crooked teeth or getting rid of coffee or other stains that have built up on their teeth for many years.

What About Those Who Don’t Like the Dentist?

In some cases, a dentist who uses sedation techniques may be needed for patients who have a fear of the dentist or because they are immune to the impact of novacaine. Sedation dentistry involves putting patients in a calm state or even putting them to sleep for procedures as complex as gum surgery or as basic as a cleaning.

Family Dentists Are Great for Parents With Young Children

For parents with young children, it may be necessary to find a family dentist who is willing to look at the teeth of young children in a calming and friendly environment. As many people have busy work and family schedules, it may be easier to find a dentist who can look at everyone’s teeth at once. Family dental offices may also be equipped with games and toys to keep kids occupied while they wait for their appointment to begin.

Are After Hours Appointments Available?

It may not always be possible to schedule an appointment to see a dentist between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. For those who work irregular hours, it may be necessary to find someone who will see you during the evening hours or on weekends. While many dentists will offer this service, it is something that you want to ask about ahead of time.

Checking out Park Plaza Dental Specialties or any other local dentist may enable you to find the type of dentist to fit your needs. When you find a dentist that you like, it may be possible to schedule a consultation appointment as well as arrange financing for any work that may need to be done.

Take it easy on that treadmill

Our society today has increasing need to work out because who wants to be too fat and unhealthy? No one wants an obese body that’s why we see all these exercise thingy to help keep us fit by burning those extra calories and tones our body to shape; from aerobics, yoga, zumba, sports and weight lifting we have those entire workout plan but too much exercise has its downsides.

We envy people for having enough time to work out even to just jog a few laps in the park but if you think too much of exercising you might not getting your body all fit but battered. Some people just don’t know their limitations. The need to exercise can lead to addiction. There are people who just want to work out to the point of exhaustion.

We are actually not gaining anything if our body is pain, like the injured pain. We might not know it but we could be harming our body just to get that desired six pack. Just take it easy on getting fit, know your limit, you could be doing worse instead of feeling better.

Bringing Mobile Medical Care To Your Community

Communities that have little access to medical care can call for a mobile medical care unit. It is easy to order your free guide, and it is easy to request the specific services that are needed for the community. The many items listed below can change the fortunes of the community when the mobile unit is rolling through on a regular basis.


Most people are in need of regular medical checkups. The children and adults in the family need to be seen by a doctor to catch medical problems, but the family cannot get to a doctor. The mobile medical unit comes to the community with a doctor and nurse ready to check on every person who visits. The doctors and nurses do not limit the appointments to adults or children, and they provide needed medical information and referrals to patients.


The tests that many people need are hard to get if they do not have transportation to get to a doctor. Children need medical tests and shots before they can go to school, and the adults in the family need to have themselves tested when they have medical problems they do not understand.


There are many people who are in need of medication to regulate their health. If people in the community cannot afford medication, the mobile medical unit can bring some generic medications that the doctor can prescribe to the patients. The mobile unit may also arrive with coupons for cheaper medications, will prescribe medications and offer assistance in getting these medications.

Emergency Care

When people are in need of emergency care, the mobile medical unit can help. People cannot travel to an urgent care facility if they are in a disadvantaged area, and the mobile medical care unit can help with broken bones, stitches and other problems that people cannot go to the emergency room for.

Bringing one of these units to the community is the best way to keep the people in the community healthy. A lack of access to medical care can kill people, and these doctors come to the community ready to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

An All Too Familiar Summer

Living in a community where you know most of the people since you were wearing diapers isn’t that exciting at all. Imagine walking down the supermarket seeing familiar faces every single day. That is how I feel living here in our quiet and friendly neighborhood for the past 16 years. So that would be 16 summers with nothing else new to do.

Every year at the end of the school and the beginning of summer the musician’ would held there all too familiar concert were 90% of the attendees are locals and a small 10% vacationers. Although we all think that the things that happen in our small town gets pretty boring most of the time, I still wouldn’t exchange it for anything else.