Is She Just Being Nice or Does She Really Like You?

Meta: Sometimes when a woman is being nice, men think they are flirting and vice versa. We explore the signs you should take note of when trying to discern from the two.

Have you ever had a situation where you are talking to a woman and everything seems to be going well; you are laughing, connecting, and it seems like there is some chemistry there but you aren’t entirely sure. You don’t know if she is just being nice when she laughs at your jokes or if she is smitten by you.

You aren’t alone—many men around the world are confused women and what certain things mean. We asked a group of women on an online dating site Girls date for free what tactics they use when a guy they likes strolls into the room, 45% of women say they play coy—a tactic which many men don’t particularly care for. They aren’t mind readers after all! Adversely, 38% of women say they are more direct and they will find some way that they can talk to the guy.

Since women are more likely to play coy, it is no surprise that men find women so exasperating. They often misinterpret their coyness as being disinterested, when that is definitely not the case and the guy only finds out months later that she liked him.

The most effective aspect of dating should be improving your confidence. When you are confident in your flirting skills, women will take notice. If you aren’t so sure of your skills as a flirt, much like anything else, the only way you can improve your ability is by practicing. So, this means that the only way you can improve is by flirting with any woman that comes your way!

So even though you are uber confident, you may still not be able to decipher her signs. Here are five signs that she’s placed you in the friend zone:

  1. She mentions other men. If she is open about other men while in your presence, then you may not be on the top of “I’m interested in you” list.
  2. She invites other people to go out with you. When you invite her out on a date and she invites other people to come with you, thus making it a group affair rather than an intimate date—then you can probably assume that she sees you only as a friend.
  3. She still doesn’t show interest even after a few drinks. If you invite her out for a few drinks and you’ve enhanced your flirtatious efforts and she still doesn’t show you any romantic interest, then you may want to cut your losses and thank her for spending time with you.
  4. She doesn’t attempt to seduce you with her appearance. Women enjoy seducing men that they are attracted to with their appearance. She will go out of her way to look her best for you. When she only wants to be your friend, she won’t put forth as much effort. So if she is wearing a knock-out outfit that drops your jaw, oh yeah… She is interested.
  5. No physical contact. Women who aren’t interested in you will avoid touching you at all costs. She won’t want to give you the wrong impression by touching you, and if you try to touch her, she will shy away.
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Alternative Healthy Food to Feed Your Family

Finding the path to wellness is not an easy feat. You need to have discipline, the willpower to do it, and the right food to serve the family. Focusing on the latter, do you know that there are a lot of alternative healthy foods to those scrumptious snacks that you love? Some of them are listed below.

A Bag of Salty Potato Chips, Go For Popcorn

Watching your favorite tv show or movie is not complete without the addition of something to munch on. More often than not, the first choice is your chips. But a bag contains salt that adds love handles to your body, not to mention too much sodium is not good for you. On the other hand, unsalted and unbuttered popcorn has only 30 calories. It is a better alternative should you feel the desire to snack tonight.

Processed Chicken Nuggets, Go For Real Chicken

Nuggets may be delicious, but it contains preservatives and other “secret” recipes that can be harmful to your health. With that said, why not go for the real thing? Instead of frying the chicken, go for grilled ones to make it healthier. Then, just chop and slice to the desired size. If you want, you can add your own sauce for that perfect taste.

A Can of Soda, Go For Fruit Juice

Liquid drinks like soda are not real food, but who are we kidding? It still affects your body the way any other food can. With that in mind, rather than consuming carbonated drinks that only contain high amounts of sugar and sweetened preservatives, opt for a blend of fruit juice of your choice. The latter is sweet too but gives you tremendous benefits and vitamins.

Cheesy Macaroni, Go For Your Own Pasta

Mac and cheese is easy to cook as it comes prepared in a box. You need only to boil, mix, and serve. But while you are saving time and effort, your body gets no benefit from it. A healthier alternative is your own carrots pasta, cucumber, and celery. When you combine it with parmesan cheese, or any cheese for that matter, you would have created a healthier meal.

When it comes to food, tasty is not always healthy. The examples given may not be what you are used to, but it is definitely a better choice for the family.

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Meta: Stop wasting your time guessing what makes a great online profile. Members of share their tips on how to get more messages and more dates!

Online dating can be confusing for people who are just trying it out. There are so many people on these dating websites who just put anything on their profiles, it’s no wonder that they aren’t having the success that they desire. has heard numerous success stories from members who were able to find people that they had a genuine connection with. The website decided to ask their members what they feel makes or breaks a profile. Some of the answers seem logical, while others are a bit surprising.

1. Honesty

You know how people say that honesty is the best policy? It’s so important that then you are filling our your dating profile or talking to other members that you are honest. The members of all believe that in order to find success with online dating, you have to be honest; whether it is about what you are looking for (friends, love and a relationship, or just a fling) or if you are describing something as mundane as what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

2. Be Specific

Members say they are more likely to read profiles of people who make an effort to sound interesting. There are two different ways you can tell someone what your perfect date would be. The first would be the use of generic, non-descript language. This is boring, unimaginative, and… dull. These profiles tend to not get much attention. However, if you describe every detail (not so much that you’re writing a book of course) in a way that draws them in and they can envision themselves on a date with you? You will be much more likely to get a few messages from interested people.

3. Stay Balanced

People think that an online profile is the place to talk about everything that you think will interest potential suitors, but in reality, sometimes they have the tendency to say too much and not mention anything about what they are looking for. Members who were surveyed said that as you are writing your profile, you want to talk about yourself, but you also want to describe what you are looking for in a partner (tip: avoid generic descriptions like “intelligent” or “attractive”).

4. Choose a Flattering Photograph

One of the biggest tips the members felt was important is choosing a flattering profile picture. Yes, you may want to be known for your incredible wit and charm, but the truth of the matter is humans are visual creatures and profiles with a bad picture or no picture at all, will get passed over. When you are creating your profile, you should always think of your picture as the thing that draws people in. Choose a picture where you are smiling naturally, you look your best, and you are the only one in the picture. Members also suggest that your profile picture should be as current as possible, and it isn’t a selfie that you snapped from your bathroom.

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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

The pet is an important member of the family. His cuteness and funny antics bring joy and excitement to the household, not to mention he keeps you company when you or a relative is alone in the home. With that said it is vital to keep him happy and healthy in return and here are several ways to do that.

All He Needs Is Attention

All the toys in the world will not make your pet happy if you do not shower him with affection, love, and of course attention. Just like a human being, the pet needs to be given some time to be played with. Sometimes, a simple pat in the head, scratch in the neck, or even playing with him for 15-30 minutes a day is all it takes.

Give Him Exercise

Pets need stimulation and exercise. For example with your feline furry friend, they have the instinct to hunt and explore. By depriving them of this, they will feel cooped up and miserable. That is why it is important to provide them with activities that will not only make them run and jump for their health, but also so they can be happy.

Treats for a Job Well Done

Aside from the normal food that you serve your pet, they will also feel loved if you provide them with treats that you can easily buy in the pet store. You can give it by random, or as a reward if they did something you are pleased with.

Groom Regularly

A smelly and dirty pet is not only unhygienic; it also leads to itching and infection, which will then make them sad. Learn to bathe and snip out the excess fur of your pet regularly. They will appreciate it from you.

Compared to children, pets are not that high maintenance. As long as you do the regular bathing, feeding, and loving, you will not have any problems taking care of them. Oh and do not forget to take them to the vet too, even if there aren’t any problems. Prevention is still the best form of cure, and that goes for pets too.

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7 Reasons to Start Mature Dating Over 40

Many people make the mistake in thinking that the older you get, the more complicated dating is. While this may be the case from the time you’re 20-35, it’s most definitely not the case once you’re past 40. compiled a list to show you that there’s still hope, and lots of it!

1. Finances are no problem

By the time people reach the age of 40, most have a stable job and their lives on track. Being financially stable adds a new dynamic to the world of dating – the possibilities are endless! Spontaneous trips, fancy dinners, and spoiling each other for no real reason are now all things you can do without having to feel guilty or tirelessly save for. Who doesn’t want a buddy to check off some things on their bucket list with?

2. You’ve learned your lessons

At this age, you’ve had your fair share of relationships. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of love and are now able to confidently navigate through the rough waters of it. No longer will you ever let someone mistreat you, take advantage of you, or control you. No, you know when it’s real and when it’s not, and you know how to end things like a grown-up adult.

3. You’re your own person

When we’re younger and the world is still quite new and confusing, we often run into the arms of the wrong person is desperate search of some comfort. Now though, you’re quite settled into the ways of life, which means you can focus on finding someone who’s right for you, not just someone who’s available.

4. The club was never a good time anyway

After 40, most people have outgrown their clubbing days – and thank the heavens for that! Looking back, did any of us really enjoy those sloppy nights of yelling over loud, annoying music and taking home a last resort one night stand? Well, those days are over now, and many people over 40 can shamelessly agree that they would much rather a fancy dinner followed by a night of cuddling on the couch than a night at the club. Getting older brings with it a much more ideal world of dating, that’s for sure!

5. There’s no rush

Pressure to get married and have kids tends to taper off at this age, which means you can finally let the relationship run its natural course. I’m sure we’ve all, maybe without even knowing it, thrust our love upon someone who was completely wrong for us in the end in hopes to get hitched before our biological clocks stopped ticking. This time around though, you can be as serious or as casual as you want, which allows you to simply focus on having fun with your person of interest.

6. There’s more passion

Maturity has granted us many great qualities – one of these being a greater depth of feeling. We’ve all done a great deal of deep, philosophical thinking by this point, and it’s made us more interesting as well as more passionate. This passion has been known to cross-over to the world of dating, which makes everything feel just that much more wonderful.

7. It’s mature dating

Bottom line – you and your partner have really gained some much needed wisdom and knowledge over the years. Mature dating means less games, less wasting time, and a lot less stupidity. Mature dating is smart dating, and if you haven’t tried it before, you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised. Dating someone who has a head on their shoulders as much as you do is a nice change, to say the least!

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Talking to Your Kids About a Life with Joint Custody

If you’re planning on getting a divorce and you have children, you’ll need to file for joint custody if both you and your spouse want to have custody over your children and be able to see them and be with them as they grow. And while divorce is difficult enough for the adults involved, it’s even harder for the children, so you need to take the time to talk to your kids and explain what joint custody is all about.

Need help figuring out how to talk to your kids about life involving joint custody? Then continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Avoid Drama

Even though you may be angry and bitter, it’s best to not bring any level of drama into your conversations about divorce when you’re speaking with your children. This means that you shouldn’t blame the other parent or get overly negative about what’s happening in everyone’s life. Doing so will only create additional emotional stress on your kids.

Remember that your overall attitude and tone about the divorce will really have an impact upon how well your kids respond to it, as well as how they view the entire experience, so try to remain as positive, or at least neutral, about your partner as possible. If you have ongoing conflict with your ex, your children’s emotional and physical health could suffer.

Explain the Changes

Your kids will be going through some major changes, so you need to explain these changes clearly to them in order to put their minds at ease.

Start by reminding your kids that there will be many things that remain the same, such as how much you and the other parent love them and how committed you are to their happiness. Reassure your kids that you’ll always be there for them, that they’ll be safe, and that they’ll be loved.

Once you’ve established what will remain the same, you can explain what will change so you can ease your kids’ fears. Let them know where they’ll be living and when they’ll be able to see you and their other parent. Answer any questions that they have along the way, but avoid going into too many details unless you’re asked about them, as the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your kids or create high levels of anxiety.

Use a Visual Aid to Explain Joint Custody

Many kids, particularly very young children, will benefit from a visual aid that explains joint custody. For example, you can use a calendar that shows them exactly when they’ll be seeing you and their other parent.

A calendar is a great tool even for older children because it reassures them that they can have control over their lives by following the schedule, and it also proves that both of their parents will be involved in their lives.

Finally, when filing for joint custody, make sure that you’re well aware of the ins and outs of International Custody Law, and get counsel from professionals like those at Ideal Legal Group so you can come to a conflict-free resolution with your spouse about the custody of your children.

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