Practical Home Decorating Ideas

When decorating around the house, the first thought in mind is whether it will break the bank or not. That chandelier in the store looks great for your home, but your wallet cannot always handle it. Even so, do not give up hope of having a beautiful and cozy place. With the practical ideas listed here, your house and pocket will really thank you.

Move Things Around

For those who do not want to spend at all, a simple and free tip is to rearrange the furniture’s and wall decors first. Place the sofa on an entirely new position, as well as those paintings and mirrors on the wall. This will give the room a fresh look, and you didn’t even spend a cent.

Make Use of Beautiful Window Treatments

Treat your window to a new curtain or blinds. As the window sometimes occupies a large space in the wall, it will give you an opportunity to showcase your style. Think of it like an empty canvas. The drapes are your design, so be creative when choosing one as much as possible. And the best part about it is window treatments do not really cost that much compared to buying new decors.

Repaint Your Things

Sometimes all your stuff really need is a fresh coat of paint, or a different color to suit the new theme of your home. If you have an old chandelier, go ahead and renew it by means of repainting. This can also apply to cabinetry, the wall, floor, ceiling, and basically anything you see around the house.

Get A Rug Or Carpet

When tired of that old and worn floor, you do not have to replace it immediately, especially when there is no set budget. Instead, get a carpet that adds a pop of color and better ambiance to the space. When you get bored with it, you can have it changed a couple of times.

A lot of families are hesitant to redecorate because of budgetary reasons. While there is a point where you will use money, it does not have to be a lot. There are still ways to refresh your house without spending that much.

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3 Reasons Learning Fractions is Important

You might remember studying fractions when you were in school and you may have asked yourself during your studies why learning the concept of fractions was so important. Fractions set the foundation for future math courses like algebra, and ultimately, how well they’re mastered can determine if an individual can go into a math-related career, like architecture, and succeed.

There’s no reason why fractions or math should be feared. Parents of children who are struggling to understand this mathematical concept can become an active partner in their child’s education and purchase learning tools, like fraction tiles, that help the young learner visualize fractions. Here are three reasons why early understanding of fractions is crucial.

Mathematical Concepts Build on Each Other

When fractions are introduced in the third or fourth grade, it’s because an introduction to algebra will soon follow and then, geometry, trigonometry and eventually calculus. One math concept builds on another either directly or indirectly, so failure to truly grasp the material at one point can severely handicap a student in the next. Fractions pop up in algebra in the form of rational expressions and in geometry when dividing shapes, so developing a comfort level for the technique as soon as possible is best.

Well-Paid Careers Use Fractions

Engineers, pharmacy technicians and architects are some careers that achieve gainful employment and well-paid positions. The use of fractions in almost daily job tasks is something else that they have in common. How these and related career paths employ this mathematical concept varies as well as the intensity, but nonetheless, they will be used and mistakes cannot be made. A pharmacy technician, for example, calculates dosage quantities and medicinal formulas, and the smallest mistake can lead to unwanted negative side effects in their customer who will take the medication they are given.

Fractions are Used in Real Life

Math is all around, and so are fractions. In recipes, if it is meant for 10 people but you’re only cooking for four, you will be dividing the ingredient amounts through fractions. If a group of friends decides to eat out and the check will split, fractions are used when calculating each person’s amount owed, and the gas used to get from point A to point B, that’s also partitioned by fractions.

Fractions can be mastered by all. The availability of helpful tools and resources are abundant.

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7 Apps to Help Sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A typical course of treatment for traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is to rest your brain – that means no TV, no reading, and certainly no computer or phone activity. It may seem counterintuitive then to recommend mobile phone apps and tablet apps for TBI sufferers, but keep an open mind. The list of apps collected here are also intended for the families and caregivers of TBI victims so they can assist the person they love in their TBI recovery.


When you have mobile device restrictions or trouble reading, an app like Audible lets you listen to audio books on your smartphone. For book lovers, or people who are on “mind arrest” and unable to do much of anything while they wait for their brain to heal, audio books and this app can be a true lifesaver.

Awesome Memory

While the good, old-fashioned card game of Memory may be easier on the constitution of TBI sufferers (plus, it’s just fun to feel like a kid again), it’s still nice to have a memory-tweaking app like Awesome Memory that mirrors the original game and that exercises your brain in a low-key but important way.


When your yoga mat is far away, Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management tool that helps user monitor and calm their anxiety through breathing exercises. Focusing on breathing is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, mood stabilization, and anger control.

Concussion Recognition & Response

One of the most common problems with TBIs is that they are misdiagnosed, or go completely undiagnosed. The Concussion Recognition & Response app is meant for parents and coaches to help them determine whether a person is exhibiting signs or symptoms of a concussion.

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes it’s far easier for a TBI patient to communicate by speaking rather than writing, but in our digitized culture, it can be difficult to connect with others if you aren’t able to do it by email, text, or social media. Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that allows users to send brief texts, longer emails, write notes and reminders, or update Facebook and Twitter, all by voice and without typing a word. This method can be up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

One thing that concussion sufferers have by the dozens are doctor appointments – concussions specialists, physical therapists, eye doctors, neurologists, the list can seem never ending. In Case of Emergency keeps all of your doctors, medications, allergies, insurance information, and, most importantly medical conditions in one place. Definitely a help when filling out another inevitable set of paperwork for another doctor.

Pill Time

It’s difficult enough for people who don’t have a TBI and who aren’t dealing with memory and concentration problems to keep track of their responsibilities from moment to moment. But it’s especially detrimental for individuals under medical care to miss an important medication. Pill Time is an app that keeps track of your medicines, the dosage, and reminds you when you need to take them, even if the app is not running.

The goal, of course, is to help TBI sufferers reach the point where they can feel normal again and function as they always have. And when the ban on screens and fine print are lifted, they will be seeking additional support when it comes to improving memory, managing anxiety, and improving speech and communication. Apps can get the job done in a much more cost-efficient way, allowing the independent person the opportunity to help themselves after reluctantly accepting help from others for such a long period of time.

About: David Christensen is a personal injury attorney specializing in brain injuries with Christensen Law in Southfield, Michigan. He represents victims of motor vehicle and other types of accidents and helps get them compensation for their injuries.

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Coping With Toddler Tantrums

When a child is 1 to 4 years of age, or better known as the toddler years, he will begin to exhibit signs of tantrums. He will scream, cry, flail his hands and feet, and may even pinch, punch, or bite anyone close to him. If your child is in these years, do not give up hope. Here is how to cope with toddler tantrums.

Understanding Comes First

Before you react negatively, you must understand that this kind of behavior is completely normal for toddlers. Almost all of them show this, so it is not a cause for alarm at all. Even the most behaved child will sometimes show toddler tantrums and it is your job as a parent to be more patient because of this.

Do Not Scream or Give Your Own Tantrums

Isn’t it comical that the advice is not to give your own tantrums? That may be so, but some adults cannot handle the fact that their kids are having an episode, thus making them breakdown as well. They scream and throw a fit, but that will not help the child calm down. Instead, the kid will just take a longer time to relax and stop. So learn from this example and hold back from yelling.

Protect Your Child

As tantrums involve irrational behavior, sometimes your child cannot control his head, neck, or other body parts from banging on a structure while having an episode. That is why it is important to check the surrounding while he is flailing his arms and ensure that he would not get hurt in the process.

Do Not Give In

Some kids will use the tantrums to get what they want. Though it is so tempting to just do it to stop them from screaming, it will not help your kid at all. Instead, resist the urge to punish or reward him and stick to your original intention.

As toddler tantrums are not uncommon, do not take it upon yourself to feel guilty when your child is having one. Instead, do the coping methods and stay calm. Ask your spouse to help too so you will not feel alone when handling it.

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Great Gift Ideas For Disney Lovers

It’s pretty easy to spot a Disney fan among your friends and family. They own their favorite movies on DVD, can sing along to all their favorite classic Disney songs, and enjoy wearing Disney themed clothing. They may even be saving up for a trip to the Magic Kingdom. When you know Disney fans, young or old, their enthusiasm might be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re choosing a gift for them on a special occasion. Below are four ideas for special gifts for your favorite Disney fans.

Disney Themed Posters

Since Disney is especially known for its film making magic, posters would seem to be an obvious gift choice. And there is certainly no shortage of posters you can find that celebrate favorite Disney characters. Another unique idea might be to choose an old movie poster with original art from the film’s opening, or a poster inspired by a favorite ride or attraction at a Disney theme park.

Disney Figurines

Artists like Jim Shore have created beautiful Disney inspired figurines. You can find them at shops such as Coppins Gifts. These stone resin figures run the spectrum from a cheerfully smiling Winnie the Pooh (complete with his “hunny” pot) to elegant and inspiring Disney princesses with detailed swirling gowns. Jim Shore figurines do a great job of capturing the personality, flair, and color of favorite Disney characters and make charming gifts for collectors.

Disney Fine Art

Disney collectors will very much appreciate some of the beautiful fine art inspired by Disney’s classic tales. Artists such as Jim Salvati, Heather Theurer, and John Rowe provide artistic renderings of classic Disney characters and story moments that sometimes make you think in fresh ways about tales as old as time. A beautiful, frameable piece of Disney art could make an especially inspiring wedding or anniversary gift.

Homemade Disney Items

Etsy can be a fun place to look for unique, handcrafted items of all kinds, including Disney inspired gifts. You can find many unusual items there, from Minnie-Mouse ear headbands to character themed mugs to t-shirts adorned with favorite Disney quotes.

Whether you’re looking for a small token or a large gift that will be treasured for years to come, there’s no shortage of Disney inspired items to choose from. Your Disney fan friends and family will be touched by your creative gift-giving.

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Low Cost to Increase the Value of Home

When you want to improve the value of your home, the easiest way to do so is through renovation. However, despite this fact being relatively common knowledge, many people avoid home renovations due to the cost associated with them. Not all home renovations have to be that expensive; there are a number of affordable, low-cost options available that provide a high return on your investment.

1. Painting

Painting a home can make a huge difference. Ask yourself: would you rather buy a home with a fresh paint job, or one that looks as though it hasn’t been maintained in years? Peeling, cracked paint isn’t pleasing to the eye and gives the impression of lower quality. Remember, perception drives value, and if customers perceive your home to be high value, you can ask a higher price for it. Paint is inexpensive and something any homeowner can do without professional help.

2. New Appliances

More and more homebuyers are looking to the kitchen for their decision. Brand new appliances can make all the difference; if your kitchen looks like it came straight from a 70’s sitcom, it may be time to make a few updates. Despite the fact that new appliances can cost thousands of dollars, experts say that the kitchen is one of the main reasons homebuyers decide to pass on a home. Not only do new appliances increase the overall value of the property, but they can also make it much easier to sell the home.

3. Landscaping

Much like a paint job, the landscape surrounding a home speaks volumes about the home itself. Proper landscaping can be a difficult, time-consuming job, but curb appeal is a very important part of any buyer’s decision. Taking the time to properly sculpt a simple flower garden and keep the grass cut will make a huge difference in the selling process of your home.

The more extensive renovations options, such as a brand new kitchen or adding an additional room onto the home, not only take a long time but also cost significantly more. While these options are available in the worst-case scenarios, focusing on the smaller, less expensive projects is a great way to improve the value of your home without breaking the bank. Consult with a contractor and find out now how much it will cost to get a new paint job.

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