How to Deal With a Child Who Steals

Finding out that your child is stealing is like a slap in the face. It is like you failed at parenting. But it is not. A child who steals sometimes does not know that stealing is bad. At least that is what I read on the internet. And I must say, it helps.

My 5-year-old kid was caught by a saleslady at a supermarket. He was pocketing candies. The saleslady caught my attention and told me the story. I was so ashamed but I tried to understand my son. After all, he’s just a 5-year-old. The manager of the store just told me to pay what my son has taken and we are okay.

It was embarrassing. I asked my son why he did it and he told me, “Mama, I want the candies.” I told him that the things on the store are not ours. It is bad to get things and not pay for it. I think he understands.

Wellness Programs Help Employers Slash Health Care Costs

During challenging economic times, it makes sense for business owners to take measures that control the rising costs of health care. If you can cut employee health care costs, you can gain market share and increase business profitability. Over the last couple of years, health care costs have risen at about seven percent annually. When employees are sick, it puts a huge financial and logistical burden on the business owner.

Employers who create employee wellness programs benefit in the following ways:

Lower Health Care Costs

Wellness programs help employers save a lot of money; some experts say that every dollar spent on a wellness program offers returns of three dollars or more. If you enact a program, you can literally start putting more money into your pocket. Insurance companies give monetary incentives to employers who offer a wellness program; when you set one up, your rates go down instantly.

Decrease Absenteeism

Healthy employees are less likely to take time off from work. When your employees learn how to properly take care of themselves, they stay fitter and happier; this results in an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Increase Productivity

Productivity and employee health is very strongly correlated; when you have employees that are healthy, they can do their job better than employees who are chronically ill. A wellness program decreases stress, enhances communication, improves job satisfaction and creates a good work environment. When you can implement a program that does these things, you make your business a pleasure to work at, and happy employees are more likely to give you their best efforts.

Increase Loyalty

When you show your employees that you care about them and their health, they aren’t very likely to go looking for other career opportunities. When you give them perks like a wellness program, you show them that you appreciate the work that they do for you. Many businesses lose great employees when they take them for granted, so click here to learn how a wellness program can help you prevent employees from looking for another employer.

Stop The Spread Of Illness

If your employees are sick, it makes your business an unpleasant place to work at. When sick employees come into work, they decrease morale and get their co-workers sick. If you start a wellness program, your employees stay healthier, so you don’t have to worry about sick employees affecting the work of others.

A good wellness program does wonders for the health of your employees. Many businesses are successfully implementing wellness programs, and these programs have been shown to be very beneficial from a monetary standpoint. If you want to increase productivity, lower absenteeism and create a good work environment, then you need to consider implementing a wellness program today.

Being In A Relationship And Being With Yourself

Sometimes I asked myself which is better, being in a relationship or being single. It took me awhile to find the courage to be in an actual relationship, my maturity tells me that having a boyfriend in high school is no funs because you are suppose to be in a peer and experience competitive behaviour amongst them.

It was in college that I was feeling something lacking in me, that maybe it’s about time to date someone, to be swooned by someone you actually like, to receive appreciation coming from the opposite sex, not in a friendly manner but in a flirty kind of way. College gave me that, it gave me the first heartbreak which few my friends call it an overreaction to a person whom I was never sure if we actually dated, which made me even pathetic but thanks to that, It taught me to never be in a wrong relationship.

Then I had my first long relationship, in that three years of relationship I have experience it’s sweetness, both of us thinks that we are made for each other that there is no dull moments between the two of us, but as usual most couple come to that breaking point when you grow tired of each other and you are not blaming any third party or whatever, it’s just not fun anymore.

Then you chose to be alone again, to enjoy being with yourself, not being attached to anyone to be free, to have fun with your girlfriends.

Being in a relationship is different, all sorts of emotions are there, and not because you had a bad relationship with someone it doesn’t mean all relationships will turn out bad. I guess it all comes down to loving yourself first. I realized that to be able to be loved and to love someone back, you got to love yourself first. Having that self confidence back will fuel that drive to be awesome to be someone worth loving and someone capable of showing the right kind of love.

The Times Are A-Changing: How to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Fashion is constantly changing, and every season brings a new range of styles (and shoes!). Keeping up with it all is tricky, especially if you don’t have loads of cash, but there are a number of ways that we can keep our wardrobes refreshed. Here are some top tips:

Blitz the clothes stores

Of course, one of the best ways to keep up with fashion is to check out high street and designer stores regularly. You’ll see when ranges are changing and recognize new styles that are trending across a number of brands. The model posters and mannequins in stores will also offer insight into the look and feel of the trends and any themes that go with them. Remember that if you love a good clothes shop, you’ll need a decent-sized wardrobe to accommodate your trendy new gear.

Browse Fashion Magazines

Another tip-top way to stay in touch with the latest trends is to browse fashion magazines. Designer and high street ranges appear featured in magazines after their catwalk debut, and the big publications always follow the new styles. You can check out the colors, themes and styles that the magazines are currently raving about and work out how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe. Looking at the model shots is also a great way to work out how to wear new styles and pick up inspiration for combinations and trends.

Watch catwalk shows

Major fashion events such as fashion weeks are shown on TV, so you can watch them to learn about cool new looks as soon as they hit the catwalk. The season’s trendiest colors, styles and materials are all showcased at catwalk events, allowing you to gain a good idea of what’s hot this season. Alternatively, try to get yourself tickets for the events so that you can see designer ranges first hand. Attending a catwalk show is a fun way to keep your finger on the fashion pulse.

Hit the Fashion Blogs

Once new designer ranges have been displayed on the catwalk, the world’s best fashion bloggers will be reporting back on the styles and trends, so reading fashion blogs is an ideal way to stay up to date. It’ll also give you a whole load of ideas when you’re looking for catwalk styles on the high street and at more affordable prices. Fashion bloggers have a knack for spotting trends before the fashion magazines get to them first. They also provide bucket loads of original ideas on how to funk up styles.

Following fashion is pretty easy if you don’t mind doing the research. You can make sure your wardrobe stays fresh and in line with the fashionable by buying a few select pieces every season.

The Heirs Is Overrated!

This drama has been getting a lot of buzz because of how star studded it was. Imagine Lee-Min-Ho and Park Shin-Hye as the main characters! I was a fan of Lee Min-Ho for some quite time now but he did not make me love him in this drama series instead his spotlight was stolen by Kim Woo Bin. The story is basically about a bastard chaebol named Kim Tan (inheritor) who loved a poor girl Cha-Eun-Sang, a housemaid’s daughter and because he loved her, his father tried to separate them.

Do not be expect more from this drama; I thought it was going to be more complex because they try to talk about bearing the weight of the crown. It should be more complex than just settling for a love story. Good thin the supporting characters made me smile despite how bad the plot is getting as it was nearing its end. Thank God for the love triangle because Kim Woo Bin as Choi-Young-Do did an amazing job, I swear I was rooting for him till the end.

I’m just disappointed about this, it felt hurried and I think the writers did so many plot holes that’s why the best way not to ruin the whole series is to end it immediately. Clearly they don’t want to make this into a depressing melodrama. Well guess what the love story got annoying and I felt bad for the other characters. I hate seeing the main characters happy and the people around them looks miserable, it just made the whole thing so childish.

How Can You Find True Love?

In our generation where we spend more time in front of our computers and navigating our social media than actually socializing outside, online dating sounds very inviting. As convenient as an online shopping, finding romance in the World Wide Web is not that bad at all. For sure you have heard quite a few stories of your friends, or acquaintance how they found their Mr or Ms. Right in a website which sounds absurd at first but really sweet. How can we find true love if we have not even seen this person we’re talking to? With these free online dating websites, it does not feel that you are pooling people that you want in a virtual world. It actually feels that it is very personal.

You can send pictures instantly, chat and also do video conference, as well. This is very much required and a great tip I could give you if you plan to use online dating websites. This could prevent you from being fooled by people on the other end. These sites come with filters, too! You can filter what from what age you want to meet, where exactly they live, even what they do for a living! The choice is really up to your hand.

To improve your online dating experience, add photos of yourself that you think could attract other members. These members view profiles that are updated and well-maintained. Add your favourite books, movies and songs in your description box! Go crazy with it! You’ll never know! These could be your new partner’s favourite, too! Choose with a great number of online sites that are available in your country. What is good about it is that aside from it is convenient, fun and could definitely land you to your future lover’s arms, is that it is also free! Sign up now!