Five Must-Have Coats for Women

Selecting quality outwear is just as important as choosing your normal clothing. Outerwear can protect yourself and your clothes from harsh elements. A coat can pull double duty and make a fashion statement as well. While you don’t need a different coat for each single outfit, it’s good to have a selection that will match your various outfits.Banana Republic offers traditional, stylish, and trendy selections. Here is a list of five must-have coats for fashion-forward women.

A trench coat is great for cold and rainy weather. Trench coats can come in different lengths, like a full-length, below-the-knee version and a sportier, short version. Typical trench coats come with big, roomy, side pockets and a wide belt. Coats can come in a variety of colors, materials, and linings. You can pick a neutral color that will match many of your outfits or choose a bold, bright color to make an impactful statement.

A quality, leather jacket may not seem like a practical choice, but it’s a great option for many outfit types. A short, slim cut leather jacket can be worn over designer jeans and a casual top or over a knee-length dress. It adds a layer of warmth in cooler seasons or inside environments, while turning your casual outfit into something more stylish.

A wrap jacket can be different lengths, colors, and styles, but its typical style is a looser style that wraps around your body, with a collar and wide belt. Depending on what type of outfit you’re pairing it with, you can choose a lightweight wrap to cover a short-sleeve, fancy dress or a turtleneck and jeans. Since the jacket is a wider style, it looks wonderful paired with a slim-cut outfit, dress, jeans, or pants.

A denim jacket is an old-time favorite. Denim coats can be a short cut with fitted body and short collar. Or they can be below-waist length with a wide collar and slouchy, side pockets. Different denim colors can match a variety of outfit colors. You can’t go wrong by pairing this coat over a summer, lightweight dress, shorts and a tank top, or over designer jeans and sequined top. It makes your casual outfit look more pulled together and trendy.

A wool peacoat is a classic jacket. It typically has a wide collar, a straight body shape, and rows of buttons down each side. The length falls below the waist or around the upper thigh. It’s perfect in colder seasons to keep warm while looking good. Colors range from neutral tan or black to bold coral. It can be worn with both casual, business, or dressy outfits. It’s pretty when combined with a long shirt and mock turtleneck or over a pair of jeans and long-sleeve blouse.

With these five type of coats, you’ll look good and be protected in every season and every situation.

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5 Things to Take When Meeting a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is one of the toughest life stages you’ll ever experience. The emotional pressure alone can force unhappy partners back into a loveless or broken marriage, confusing and prolonging the pain and discomfort for everyone involved. There’s no reason why this should happen. Once you connect with the right divorce lawyer and get the ball rolling, the entire process can be completed within just a few months if everyone’s on board. Since Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, it also offers some of the most affordable divorce options. The first step is the initial meeting with your Michigan divorce attorney. Relax. It doesn’t need to be stressful and being prepared can ensure smooth sailing right to the finish line. These are the main five things you’ll need to bring to that meeting.

Tax Returns for Both Sides – if Possible

Your tax returns show much more than just what you earn per year at your job. Tax returns can lead to information on individual or joint investment accounts, pension plans, and other monetary assets that can help fund your freedom. The returns can also help the attorney decide on the alimony and child support you may be entitled to or have to pay. Three years worth of returns is usually enough to bring to this meeting.

Current Pay Stubs

Like the returns, pay stubs can also help your counsel formulate financial support. The stubs show bonuses and commissions as well as compensated benefits such as mileage, phone plans, and meals. Retirement plans and special deductions are also listed on the stubs. Three income stubs per working partner are enough to help your attorney calculate support and alimony.

Pension Plans and Retirement Accounts

If you or your spouse have any open retirement savings accounts, the attorney needs to see those. These accounts can include military or work pension, 401K plans, or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The most recent statements of these accounts can help your Mt. Clemens divorce lawyer discover which were employer vs mandatory employee contributions. This, in turn, has a bearing on support totals.

Bank Statements, Investments, Real Estate

Your divorce attorney will need to see recent bank statements, property forms, and current financial expenses such as credit cards and loan payments. Joint and personal information are required here. Bank and credit union statements will show information regarding loans, social security or pension payments, and direct deposits. This is important because once you’re divorced, you’re responsible for your own bills. And if you happen to make more than your spouse, chances are you won’t want to continue paying the outstanding bills you’re not responsible for just because you forgot to mention them and take your name off the accounts.

Don’t Forget Your Plan

You’ll need to consider several things before the initial divorce meeting, and one of those things will be an after plan. Will your new lifestyle really support full custody, or is joint custody or even visitation a better option for you and the kids? Do you really need the family home or can that go to the custodial spouse? Can the home be sold instead? What about vehicles, education, and career planning? All of these need to be considered prior to that meeting to ensure your divorce will be as quick and painless as possible.

Yes, there are plenty of financial matters to consider here, but that’s a major part of a divorce. The legal agreement doesn’t just end a marriage. It allows each spouse to start separate lives away from each other – on a clean slate. Emotions are usually far too high to handle the financial matters on your own, which is where a Michigan divorce lawyer comes into play. Feel free to get angry, vent, and cry. But don’t let those current feelings keep you and your kids from moving on and having a happy life.

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How To Keep A Near Perfect Model’s Figure

Few days ago, while walking past a magazine stand, the cover of a magazine caught my eye. The cover showed a male and a female model with very slim figure. I marvelled at their slim bodies and how they always look great in whatever clothes they wear.

Some are born with almost perfect figure and they are the envy of those who are not. I suppose these models go through great pains to keep their body slim. They have to watch their diet and do their work outs to keep the fats away. But not everyone is able to maintain a slim body all the time. As they aged and with hormonal changes in their body, fat will somehow accumulate in certain parts of their body. Areas where fats tends to accumulate can be the waist, hips, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc.

Some seek liposuction treatment as a fast way to remove the fat from these areas. According to, this treatment could remove fat without a knife by using a small metal tube and suction. The surgeon make a small incision, the puts IV fluid into the area to loosen the fat to encourage smoother contours. Local anaesthetic can be added to numb the area.

For those whose efforts to lose weight with diet and exercise have been unsuccessful, gastric bypass surgery could be an option. Gastric bypass is a major, life-changing procedure and an extensive screening process need to be carried out before it can be done on a client. Gastric bypass surgery is not a miracle procedure and is not for everyone. Gastric bypass does not guarantee total excess weight lost. If there is no strict changes in the diet and exercise habits, the weight you lose will be regained. Whatever treatment one chooses, one must be informed of the side-effects of the surgeries.

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Tips for Choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor

If you’re hoping to complete a home remodel, you’ll likely need to rely on a home remodeling contractor to handle all of the details involved. Figuring out how to pick the right home remodeling contractors can be a challenge. There may be a number of contractors working in your area, but how do you know which ones are trustworthy? Here are some tips for choosing a contractor who will deliver impressive work.

1. Get Referrals From Friends or Family

While conducting your search, it can be beneficial to find out which contractors your friends, family, and co-workers have relied upon. They’ll be able to give you the inside scoop on how a contractor works. Make sure to ask whether they encountered any problems during the remodeling process and whether the contractor completed the work on time.

2. Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

One of the most important steps you can take in vetting a contractor is to ensure that they’re licensed. If a contractor is licensed, it means they have passed an exam about building codes, permits, and processes. A licensed contractor is more likely to deliver quality workmanship than an unlicensed one. Licensing requirements vary by state, so do research about what’s required in your area.

It’s also essential that your contractor is insured. A licensed contractor should carry insurance protecting their workers. If you hire someone without insurance and one of their workers get injured on the job site, you could be held liable.

3. Get Quotes

Once you’ve found some potential contractors, start investigating how much they’ll charge you and whether it’s a fair price. Some remodeling companies will give you a free quote over the phone. Additionally, a site like can help you find quotes from reputable home remodeling contractors in your area.

4. Meet With Potential Contractors

After you create a list of three or four contractors, arrange to meet with them for a consultation. Since your contractor will likely be in your home for several weeks, you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable with them. A good contractor should be ready to answer your questions and communicate with you clearly at all times.

Completing a home remodel can be stressful, but by hiring a competent and trustworthy contractor, the process should proceed smoothly. Choosing the right contractor is vital, so take the time to do research, and don’t rush your decision.

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Where Should You Take a Vacation?

Choosing the right vacation destination for you and your family can be a very difficult decision. You need to be certain that the location you choose will be able to keep you adequately entertained for the length of your stay. All vacation resorts will claim to be an outstanding place to take your family. However, you must not simply take their word for it. You will be spending a considerable amount of money. Therefore, you need to be totally certain that the destination you select will be a complete home run for every member of your family. Here are some tips that you can use to select a vacation destination that you and your family will never forget.

1. Number of activities

It would be a complete disaster to show up at your vacation destination and discover that there are not enough fun and interesting activities for your family to do while you are there. Activities are something that you need to carefully research before you make a financial commitment to take your vacation at a certain destination. You should never assume that certain activities will be available. Make sure that you talk to a representative of the vacation destination and confirm exactly what activities will be available. This will prevent you and members of your family from suffering a huge disappointment when you arrive. You must also confirm the time of year that certain activities will be available. Some activities are not in operation throughout the entire year. Verify that the activities available at your destination are appropriate for the age of your children.

2. Number of visitors

You might be seeking a vacation destination where you can get away from the crowds and noise that are often present at many popular destinations. If this is the case, you should check to see the average number of visitors that the place has at any given time. Beavers Bend cabin rentals are an example of a vacation idea where you will have peace and quiet.

3. Price

Most vacation destinations have a fluctuating price depending on the time of year that you decide to go. Therefore, you should check to see what time of year will allow you to save the most money. You might also be able to get a discount by booking your vacation many months in advance. You might want to consider doing this.

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Healthy Snacks To Promote Weight Loss

Come afternoon, most people feel the desire to eat snacks. This may be due to hunger, fatigue, or even boredom. Whatever the reason is, snacking on unhealthy treats such as junk foods and sweets often leads to obesity and sickness. Rather than suffering from this outcome, here are healthier alternatives that will not only make you fuller, but help promote weight loss too.

Boiled Egg

Boiled eggs contain the following vitamins; B2, B5, B12, Selenium, Vitamin A, plus so much more. It affects the eyes, nails, and hair. Aside from that, egg is one of the leading sources of protein in the food chain, which is boosts your energy. Because boiled eggs make you feel fuller, you tend to stop snacking on anything else after you have consumed it.


There are 375 cal/ 100 grams of popcorn. Compared to chips which have 536 cal/100 grams, popcorn is by far a healthier alternative, especially if unsalted or with reduced amount of butter. If you want to lose weight but still crave for a decent snack, popcorn is the solution.

Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes. However, not all of them are considered healthy. Case in point is the double chocolate chip coated cookies. It may taste heavenly, but the sugar content is astounding. Oatmeal cookies on the other hand taste equally great but are not as horrible for the diet. While it has sugar content and fat, the fiber and other benefits it has make up for it. As long as you do not eat this every single day, it is considered a healthier snack.

Baked Potatoes

When choosing a potato snack, instead of going for the fried variety, select the baked kind. French fries contain 312 cal/100 grams, while baked potatoes only have 93 cal/100 grams. Because the numbers do not lie, you now know what is better when trying to lose weight.

Sometimes, it is hard to avoid snacking, especially when you are fatigued from work or starving in the afternoon. But that does not give you warrant to devour anything in the pantry, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Go for the following food choices if you want to stay lean.

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