First Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Love

Buying that first gift for your girlfriend can get pretty awkward. Whether it’s her birthday, an upcoming holiday, or you just want to give her something to put a smile on her face, you want to purchase something she’ll actually love. You don’t want to set the bar too high by purchasing something expensive right off the bat but you also don’t want to skimp and have her feel unappreciated.

What’s a guy to do? You want to make a good first impression and brighten her day at the same time. There’s no doubt it can get complicated but here are some ideas you can draw inspiration from:

Special Moment Gifts

Whether you’ve been dating for a few weeks or months, chances are you’ve had at least one or two very special moments in your relationship. Think back to that moment and consider buying her a gift that reminds her of that special moment as well. For instance, if you two met at a coffee shop, then buying her a bag of her favorite coffee beans is sentimental and meaningful. What was the first movie that the two of you ever watched together? You could rent or buy a movie and have a romantic movie date night. Did you go dancing on your first date? Maybe make her a playlist of songs that stuck out most while you were there. Perhaps even include the first love song you slow danced to.

Romantic Gifts

You can never go wrong with some good old fashioned romance. There are a ton of gift ideas in this category you could spring on your girlfriend that will make her blush.  One example might be to go online and look for a gourmet chocolate san diego company that makes customized chocolate treats. A nice box of assorted chocolates, chocolate-covered fruit, and other treats are a sweet way to let her know you love her. You could also spring for your typical piece of jewelry (just don’t overdo it on costs your first time around), a bouquet of flowers, perfume, or lingerie.

Personality Gifts

Hopefully, you’ve been with your girlfriend long enough that you’ve gotten to know her personality. What type of person is she? What sort of things is she into? You can essentially purchase her a gift based on these answers. For instance, if she loves keeping up with the latest fashion trends then purchase her a gift card to her favorite spot or buy her something trendy yourself. If she’s a laid back homebody who loves some peace and quiet, then you can swing for a good book or some bath essentials for a nice relaxing bath. Does she love all things fitness? Buy her a new gym bag, water bottle, yoga outfit, running sneakers, towels, or simply pay for her membership for the year.

Event or Special Occasion Gift

Not all girls are into receiving tangible items as gifts. Some prefer to spend quality time. If this is the case for your girlfriend then you can’t go wrong with an event or special occasion gift. Take her to a concert, sporting event, or social gathering you think she’d be interested in. Or, create your own occasion and just take her out for dinner, dancing, movies, or on a nice mini-vacation.

Hint Gifts

It doesn’t take long for women to start hinting at things they would like to receive. Maybe she has certain wish lists on social media, highlights things that interest her in a magazine, or simply talks to you frequently about things she always wanted. As long as it’s within reason, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go out and get it for her. The best part is, at least you know it’s something she’ll love.

Creative Gifts

Not all gifts have to come from a store or cost a lot of money. In fact, some of the sweetest gifts come from the heart. If you’re the creative type, why not show her your talents and give her a gift made by you? If you can play a musical instrument and/or sing, compose a song to her and sing it in front of a small audience. If you know how to draw or paint, create her a new piece of artwork to hang in her home. Good with your words? Write a poem or a love letter and dedicate it to her.

There’s so much pressure when it comes to gift shopping for your lady – especially if this is your first time. Going all out means you’d have to continue to spend more money or be more elaborate when getting gifts in the future. However, being too cheap or basic about the gift can rub her the wrong way. Though you still have a lot of narrowing down to do, hopefully the above gift ideas have given you some insight on which would be best suited for your girl.

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What to Know About CBD Oil for Kids

It seems like no matter where you look lately there’s an advertisement for CBD oil. And while most people will assume it should only be used in adults, CBD oil can also be used for children too. In fact, you can even get pet-friendly CBD oil at and use it on your pooch too. But if you are contemplating using CBD oil on your child, it’s important for you to have a solid understanding of the oil and its benefits/use. Below are the things you need to know about CBD oil for kids.


Before giving your child CBD oil, you should have a full understanding of what it is. CBD oil, known as cannabidiol oil, is extracted from cannabis plants. Many people have claimed that CBD oil is perfect for treating arthritis, nausea, inflammation, and many more issues. For those who have children, CBD oil can also be used to cure these issues among many others, as long as it’s used appropriately.


Some folks assume that CBD oil is the same thing as marijuana, but it’s not. In fact, it’s the THC in marijuana that gives the “high” people often look for with the drug. However, with CBD oil, you will not have THC, which means you won’t get “high”. So if you’re afraid of using CBD oil on your child because you’re afraid of getting them high, you have nothing to fear. CBD oil does not mix with the receptors in your brain (or your child’s brain).


So why should you use CBD oil with your children? There are many benefits of CBD oil, especially for children who may suffer from anxiety, temper tantrums, or sensory disorders. While CBD oil is not a cure for any specific disease or illness, it can be used to help relieve some of the issues associated with these disorders. For instance, CBD oil can help calm nerves, which is very beneficial to those children who have high anxiety levels. In addition, CBD oil has also been known to help increase focus, which is beneficial to children who may suffer from ADHD.


CBD oil is a legal substance that you can get in a variety of ways. However, before you start applying CBD oil on your child, it’s important that you understand the legality and differences associated with the various types out there.

  • Prescription-Based: With young children, it may be in your best interest to see if you can get a prescription-based CBD oil from your child’s physician. These oils are regulated and can provide you with the peace of mind needed to know the product is safe. Plus, you’ll then have your doctor’s agreement in using the oils for your child.
  • Over the Counter: Because CBD oil is completely legal, it’s easy for you to access this oil over the counter at a variety of places. For instance, you can usually find CBD oil at your local pharmacy, but other stores may carry it too because of its popularity. Simply do your due diligence and find the best resource for you to purchase it near you.
  • Online: You can also buy CBD oil online, and while this is totally legal, it’s still important you pay attention to where you’re purchasing it from. For instance, if the CBD oil is coming from a legal marijuana store, there is a possibility it will include THC. Obviously, you don’t want to give this product to your child, so you may want to stray away from purchasing the product online if you’re not sure what you’re buying.


Taking CBD oil can be done in a variety of ways, so it’s important for you to determine which would be the best way for your child. For instance, some people prefer to simply put the CBD oil directly in their child’s mouth. While this could be the most effective, some children may not be okay with taking the oil this way, as it doesn’t have a sweet taste. However, you can also consider rubbing the oil somewhere on your child or adding it to water or another drink of choice. Using CBD oil in both of these ways will ensure your child receives the oil and the benefits, and gives you as the parent options for administration.

While CBD oil can be used safely on children, it’s still important to understand it’s an herbal remedy and likely won’t replace the effects of prescription drugs. Always talk with your child’s pediatric care specialist if you have any questions.


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How to Manage Income as a Freelancer

Many people choose to be freelancers because this can be rewarding. Freelancers have the ability to set their own hours. They also have unlimited earning potential. However, managing personal finance for freelancers can be difficult. Freelancers often have irregular income, but there are some things that you can do to manage it.

Set a Budget

You will need to list all of your monthly expenses. If you know how much your expenses are, then you will know how much you will have to make each month to get by. You should have one column for fixed expenses and another column for variable expenses. Fixed expenses include things such as mortgage, car payment, and insurance. Variable expenses include health and wellness, entertainment, clothes shopping, and food. Separating your expenses will allow you to see areas where you can cut the costs. If you can cut down on your variable expenses, then you will be able to save money and maintain your standard of living.

Save Money for Lean Months

If you want to know how to manage irregular income, then you will need to start by saving money. Surviving the lean months will be a lot easier if you have money saved up. It is a good idea to save 10 percent of every paycheck that you get. If you are single and do not have a family to support, then you should have three months worth of expenses in your savings account. You should have at least six months worth of expenses if you have a family to support.

Get Your Tax Situation in Order

Those who earn their income through freelance work are not going to receive a W2 at the end of the year. What’s more, they aren’t having their taxes automatically withdrawn with every paycheck. Throw in deductions and other factors and it’s easy to see the importance of tax preparation for freelancers. If you’re unsure about how to do your own taxes, opt for a tax filing service to help you through the process. This will ensure you don’t end up paying stiff fees and penalties due to a failure to properly file.

Pay All Your Necessary Bills First

If you have irregular income, then you may have trouble paying the bills some months. It is best for you to pay your necessary bills first if you are low on funds. This includes your rent, car payment, and utilities.

Limit Credit Card Use

Many people use their credit card when they are low on cash. However, it is not a good idea to run up a credit card bill. Credit card companies charge interest on credit cards. You will end up paying a lot more than what the balance is. Furthermore, credit cards will create an additional monthly bill for you. That is why it is a good idea to limit your credit card use. You can use your credit card to make small purchases. However, you should pay your credit card off every month. You will save money in interest. You will also be able to avoid going into debt.

Have Multiple Streams of Income

It is a good idea for freelancers to have multiple sources of income to rely on. If your primary source of income is reduced, then you will still be able to make ends if you have other sources. There are several ways that you can make extra money. For example, if you are a creative person, then you can make things and sell them on Etsy. You can also rent out extra space in your home. Additionally, you can write articles or tutor students in your spare time.

Irregular income is one of the many things that can make it challenging to be a freelancer. You will need to set a budget and start an emergency fund. You will also need to pay all of your necessary bills first and limit your credit card use. Furthermore, you will need to have several sources of income.

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How Successful People Overcome Failure

It might seem like some people can achieve anything they set their mind to.  At least that is the message on social media, but the adage that “into every life, a little rain must fall” applies to everyone.  It’s just that some of us are better at recovering from setback than others and this is what separates the likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Serena Williams from the rest of us.

But there is nothing written in your genes that says you can’t bounce back from adversity. Granted the number of zeros on your paycheck might be smaller than the successful people listed above but you too can overcome anything that gets in your way.  All it takes is a bit of stick-to-itiveness and following these tips on how successful people overcome failure.

They Reflect but They Don’t Dwell

At firstglance, this might seem counterintuitive, but successful people are extremely aware of where they have been and where they are going. For example, if their care is destroyed in an accident, they don’t dwell on the problem; instead, they reflect on what happened and then move forward. This could include working with their insurance company to get a new car or looking at what Cash for Cars options are best for them. In this way, they can overcome whatever setback comes there way and come out stronger.

As part of the process of reflection, successful people will block out time everyday to think about what is working and what isn’t working in their lives.  Now, this doesn’t need to be an hour each day. In fact, a simple 5 to 10-minute walk can help them to clear their minds and think about the way forward.

This differs from dwelling on the past or a setback. When that happens, you dig yourself into a mental hole – one which makes the problem seem almost insurmountable.  As you can imagine this is not constructive, so reflect on your problems but don’t dwell.

The Early Bird…

Another reason why successful people overcome failure is that they often wake up early. Now, this doesn’t mean that successful people never sleep but it does mean that they understand the need to get a head start each day.

One plus to getting up before everyone else is that this gives you time to reflect and finalize your plan for the day. Another plus is that you can start working before everyone else.  This can include following up on key tasks and making sure everything is in place to make your day the most productive it can be.

What’s the lesson here? Well, the early bird really does get the worm, so if you want to get yourself on the road to being successful in everything you do then start getting up earlier.

While this might be a bit harder to do in the beginning, your body will quickly get used to the earlier starts. Another plus of starting earlier is that you will have more free time during your day and as such you could even take a power nap in the afternoon.

They Focus on What They Can Control

This doesn’t mean that all successful people are control freaks. In fact, most understand focusing on what they can’t control is a massive waste of time. As such, they put their energy into the areas where they can have an impact on the outcome.

At work, this means starting with the items which they have a direct influence on and then working from there. This approach helps them to better prioritize what they want to accomplish, instead of wasting time dealing with resisters and Debbie Downers.

If you follow this approach you will not only find yourself being more effective, but it will also help you to find ways to get things done. Note, this doesn’t mean that successful people let anything get in their way. Instead, they focus on what they can accomplish today and then take a long-term view towards dealing with people who resist what they are trying to achieve.

To be more successful in their personal lives, successful people make sure to make time for their family. Sure, there are times when this can be a challenge but even if you are pressed for time you should try to find 30 minutes to one hour every day to spend with your friends and family.

Doing so will not only help to recharge your batteries but it will help to increase the closeness of your family – something which will pay dividends.

Lastly, They Live Without Fear

This doesn’t mean that successful people are afraid, as there are undoubtedly things which keep them up at night. The key is that they don’t let fear get in way of whatever they are doing.  Instead, they channel that energy into what they can control – overcoming failure.

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5 Undeniable Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re in an automobile accident, it helps to have someone on your side. Especially if you have been injured in a car accident, hiring a personal injury attorney can be in your best interest. A lawyer can help you attain compensation or a settlement, saving you stress, time and money. Here are some strong reasons that a personal injury attorney can help an injured driver.

Employ Expert Knowledge

A personal injury attorney most likely has vast knowledge of cases similar to yours. Even if you have been in an accident before, they probably have more experience dealing with cases. Lawyers can help answer any questions you have regarding the car damage, legal action and insurance claims. Since they have dealt with the process many times, they can warn you about pitfalls or risks along the way. You may not even be aware of the extent of your injuries. An attorney will understand the legal system and the compensation you deserve. It makes sense to hire an expert who knows the maze you’re navigating.

Fix Your Finances

Although this isn’t always the case, lawyers typically can help save you money. They can do this by acquiring assets from the guilty party or only receiving payment if you win the case. Personal injury lawyers often operate on the notion that they will get you the compensation that you deserve. The “contingency fee” means that you don’t have to pay your attorney directly, but you may need to allocate some funds for some of their services after winning the case. Typically, a personal injury attorney will attempt to get as much of your damages covered as possible and/or help you win a better settlement. If you were having financial struggles before the accident, this type of costs could help your financial situation significantly.

Reduce Your Stress

Getting into a car accident can be emotional. Now, you have expensive bills to pay and information to collect, on top of all your normal work or familial obligations. It can take several days or weeks to fight depression and get over the stress from the accident. Having a personal injury attorney can allow you to step back from the situation and get back to your everyday activities. A lawyer acts as an objective party on your behalf, which can lead to calmer mediation and better outcomes. This can also save you precious time and stress. A lawyer will get all the information they can from you about the accident, and then complete all the paperwork themselves. If you hire an attorney, you can start regaining peace of mind.

Provide Investigation Insight

The car accident you were in may require an investigation. Lawyers know that investigation can be long and tedious. Depending on the complexity of the case, it could involve multiple parties from manufacturers to government entities. A personal injury attorney can help you communicate with police officers through this process. Moreover, they may have access to their own investigative team or resources. They can acquire information from analysis and interviews to bolster your case for you. Without a lawyer, you’ll have to conduct your own rudimentary investigation into the accident.

Represent You In Court

Although it doesn’t always come to this, your attorney can represent you in court if needed. People who self-represent in court often leave with smaller settlement. Additionally, a lawyer knows how to advocate for you. They can manage the courtroom with ease, since they know the process well. For example, the Barnes firm is willing to go to court to get their client’s maximum compensation. Similarly, your lawyer is likely have the experience and negotiation skills you need to win the case through a trial, if necessary. Without strong legal representation, your case could end up wasting resources or losing a valuable settlement.

Accidents happen, but sometimes one driver is more to blame. If you think you need a personal injury attorney, don’t hesitate to research a few different firms. An experience lawyer will know how to manage your claim throughout the entire process and possible improve your finances after the incident. Moreover, the attorney can act as a buffer between you and the person at fault, negotiating on your behalf. On top of that, he or she can streamline the investigation process. And if needed, their team can represent you in a court in front of a jury. Hiring a lawyer to help after a car accident can save your sanity and your wallet from further damage. Consider all of these reasons why it’s worth it to hire a personal injury attorney.

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Let Clearabee Deal With Rubbish Removal On Your Moving Day

Moving is a stressful time. Apart from everything else there is to worry about, rubbish removal can create further problems. There are many reasons for this and we’ll look at some in what follows. But always bear in mind that the unexpected can and often does happen very close to or actually on moving day.

Plan for rubbish removal

Most homes and premises will have more things to be moved and disposed of than many people will think. And the actual task of going through everything and getting ready to move can and will create unexpected amounts of rubbish. Often packaging for items such as TVs, stereo equipment, and domestic appliances are stored away in case the goods they contained need to be returned. Some of it may be useful in packing to move, but some of it may be fit only for the dump.

Dismantling furniture and other things to be moved can create waste, and there are often large amounts of unwanted garden tools, pots, bins, even equipment and tools that are not going to be making their way to a new home. Sheds and garages can yield the most unexpected amount of unwanted items that need to be disposed of quickly before or on moving day.

Try to calculate as much as possible as early as possible what you will need to dispose of but be prepared for the unexpected as well.

What has to go?

Sometimes there are household and other items that simply will not fit into a new home. The new premises may be of different layout, style and size making it difficult to simply transport and relocate everything within existing premises.

It is not unusual for people to plan for new items in their new homes such as cookers, beds, chairs tables and sofas. With modern shopping styles it is not difficult to have new items delivered to the new address on or very quickly after moving day. This leaves old items to be disposed of.

Getting rid of beds, settees and armchairs in the midst of organising everything else necessary for a move can be a nightmare. Many will simply not have the size and type of transport necessary to carry them to a waste site. Hiring a van is simple, but can take time and prove to be costly as most domestic waste sites will only allow free disposal to domestic vehicles. Vans will have to pay. This is when hiring a company with the appropriate vehicle, expertise and knowledge and connections for rubbish removal can prove invaluable by saving you both time and money.

Why Clearabee is a good choice

There are many companies specialising in rubbish removal. What makes Clearabee a more viable option is the range of services they provide. Many companies only have one size of vehicle and are set up for very specific and restricted methods of rubbish removal, for example using a flatbed truck and two or three men. Clearabee can offer one man and a van – ideal for awkward domestic tasks – to the delivery of specialised skip bags of various sizes that will be delivered the day after order and collected the day after delivery if required. These are ideal for garden clearance and other larger disposal needs. Smaller bags are also available, delivered and collected the next working day. Clearabee offer an on-demand service and recycle more than 90% of waste collected. Clearabee’s flexibility of service, rapid delivery and eco-friendly approach makes them the right choice for domestic or commercial needs.

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